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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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About Michael of Oakland Park

I provide a sacred and safe environment for healing, learning, and transformation.

During our time together and depending upon your needs, I will utilize some or all of the following:

Creativity, Divination, Energy Cleansing, Energy Bodywork, Inner Space Clearing, Liquid Life Process, Non-Intrusive Bodywork, Personal Organization Techniques, Sacred Circle, Sacred Intimacy, and Shamanic Healings

As a Two-Spirited person, I believe that the body simultaneously houses a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit -- and as a result, I  manifest both masculine and feminine spiritual qualities.  This may be seen as two contrasting human spirits -- such a Warrior and Clan Mother, two contrasting animal spirits -- such as Eagle and Coyote, or simply as the ability to understand and work with both masculine and feminine energies.

Native American scholars now believe that many tribes once revered Two-Spirits, viewing them as a third gender with a special spiritual connectedness. In these tribes, Two-Spirits filled important tribal roles as counselors, storytellers and healers.

As a self-described gay male, I bring my Two-Spirit healing to men and women to offer a unique, safe, and special approach to healing.

Here are some more tidbits about who I am and from where I am coming:

Physical Statistics

  • Name at Birth:  Michael

  • Shaman Name:  Dreamwalker

  • Born in Brooklyn, New York


  • Social Animal

  • Virgo = Organization Skills

  • Healing hands

  • Intuitive touch

  • Psychic streak

  • Great sense of humor

  • Talented and creative writer

  • Big, fiery, and generous heart


  • BA in English (with a minor in Performance Arts)

  • Certified Publication Specialist

  • Has been an actor, bartender, beach attendant, catering sales manager, co-guest house manager, concessionaire, law librarian, model, records manager, technical writer

  • Graduate Hoffman Institute Quadrinity Process

Present Day

  • Excels at producing small websites and assisting clients in maintaining their own websites and social media presences online.

  • Is a non-trained, uncertified body worker who performs spirit-based body- and intimacy-work  for men.

  • Belongs to the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

  • Is a practitioner of A Course in Miracles.

  • Is a technical and creative writer.

  • Loves reading about shamanism.

  • For fun, he likes tooling around with website development and design.

  • Has studied bioenergy with Mietek Wirkus.

  • Is a shamanic practitioner and mesa carrier in the tradition of the Q'ero of Peru.  Michael  holds sacred space in concert with Spirit to provide a safe environment for healing, learning, and transformation.

  • Is the founder of the Tribe of Beltway Shamans, the Tribe of Southeast Florida Shamans, and the Fort Lauderdale Adherents of Non-Duality.

  • He adheres to the Principles of Integrity (The Ethical Code for Shamanic Healing and Teaching of the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners).

  • Is the founder, designer, and proprietor of DREAMWalker Group -- a site that provides free profiles and information for authors.  When buying books or other items from, please buy using the links and search engines on his site! (or below).


Michael has handled many kinds or jobs and responsibilities during his life. Starting as an attendant at Jones Beach State Park in the seventies, he's been a law librarian, records manager, actor and model, bartender, and catering sales manager. He's helped manage a guesthouse on Cape Cod, worked as a concessionaire on Broadway in New York City, and finally wound up as a professional technical and freelance writer today.

An adventurer, Michael has lived in many of the world's most peopled resorts, including Provincetown, Massachusetts for five years (one summer he lived in the same house as young author Michael Cunningham ["The Hours"] and another summer was the neighbor to actor Divine and Andy Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn); New York City (where he lived with the novelist, William Rooney), and Key West (where he spent one evening socializing and drinking with Tennessee Williams and the actor Michael Greer.)


Owner, Proprietor, Designer, Web Developer
DREAMWalker Group
January 2000 Present (11 years 2 months)

Owner, proprietor, developer, and designer of DREAMWalker Group -- a site dedicated to providing free web profiles to and information about authors. Each profile includes contact information about the author, links to similar subjects and authors, a historical list of the author's publications as well as links to, and more. Michael donates 40% of the commissions he earns on sales on the site back to literary causes in the way of donations and sponsorships.

Documentation Specialist / Technical Writer
Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
1990 2010 (20 years)

  • Wrote hardcopy and electronic documentation for in-house users of BNA financial software products (primarily but not limited to PeopleSoft).

  • Researched, designed, developed and maintained updates for tip sheets, user guides, reference aids, and technical operations manuals for more than 10 products.

  • Edited fellow technical writer's work for accuracy and clarity.

  • Worked in tandem with personnel in other units to ensure that all documentation was accurate and that it responded to users' requirements.
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Features Real Estate Columnist
Metro Weekly
September 2000 April 2001 (8 months)

Michael wrote this column mostly to learn about real estate -- which he did quite quickly. One of his saving graces is an ability to pick up on and run with just about any topic -- with or without training or experience -- and writing about it with humor and style.

The Express Newspaper
1970 1973 (3 years)

During the time right after The Stonewall Rebellion in New York City, Michael co-founded Hofstra United Gays -- the first gay group at a university on Long Island. This column ran during that same period and strove to enlighten people about things "gay."

At the time, most straight people had little or no experience with gay people ... and the same could be said in reverse: many gay people had only poor experiences with straights (parents, the church, teachers, etc.).

With Straight on Gay, Michael tried to bring the two sides together by educating one another about what it was like to be gay in a straight world.

In retrospect, the writing was choppy and some of the ideas extreme.  So just try to keep in mind a few things:

  • Michael was frightfully young and inexperienced in life.

  • This was done during the furious 70s when everybody was just a little POd about something.

  • These ideas came long before AIDS would rear its ugly countenance.

  • Nobody else really seemed to have the chutzpah to write this kind of column.

Ever the trailblazer ....

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