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supportive, receptive, intuitive, reflective, caring, companionable, intimate, fun, sensible, sacred, 
nurturing, soothing, creative, spirited & knowing

of  Oakland Park

Transformative Performance

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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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Great Expectations

What to Expect from Michael Walker

  • Kindness and conscious spirit-based attention and intention.

  • A warm, good-hearted person intuitively attending to your needs-at-hand.

  • Honesty.

  • Integrity.

  • Purposefulness.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Healing (His healing bodywork sessions work, often in tandem with standard medical protocols, to enCourage your body to heal itself.) .

  • Brilliant, sparkling writing.  (Some say it inSpires ... )

What Not to Expect from Michael Walker

He's not ...

  • A licensed anything, so don't expect to see his diploma.

  • A therapist, so don't expect him to lay claim to the answers to your psyche.

  • A certified career counselor, so don't expect traditional career advice.

  • A licensed doctor, so don't expect a medical diagnosis.

  • A licensed masseur, so don't expect a traditional, therapeutic massage.

  • A licensed pharmacist, so don't expect pharmaceuticals.

  • A theologian, so don't expect him to show you the way to God.

  • A spring chicken.  Those days are long gone.

Special Note

My healing sessions work, usually in tandem with standard medical protocols, to enCourage your body to heal itself.  The sessions not a cure all -- but do  assist you in coming to terms with your condition and, whenever possible, to move beyond your limitations.

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