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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Photo by Birgit Sperling Stearns
August 10, 2010, Annapolis, MD

During our time together, we may utilize some or all of the following:

♥ Creativity Work
♥ Energy Cleansing
♥ Energy Work
♥ Shamanic Healing


See Services and Rates  for more information.

I value our Oneness and celebrate the interconnectedness we all have with one another, our animal sisters and brothers, the healing sacred plants, the stone people and cloud people, our planet, the universe and its celestial bodies, and the divine energy of Wiracocha.

[Note, I am also a shamanic practitioner and Mesa Carrier in the tradition of the Q'ero of Peru.  As such, I adhere to the Principles of Integrity (The Ethical Code for Shamanic Healing and Teaching of the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners).]

Let's work together to restore harmony in your life!

Past Testimonials

What clients have said about my healing body, mind, and spirit-based work.


Please note that although some of these testimonials refer to the word "massage", however  I am not a licensed massage therapist.  And currently, I only do bodywork sessions for men.

Our sessions are an an exchange of energies during which emotional, physical, psychic, and spiritual energies may be exchanged and/or released. 

Physical touch is sometimes, but not always, involved.

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Michael provides a sacred and safe environment for healing, learning, and transformation.

During your time together and depending upon your needs, he may utilize some or all of the following:

Creativity, Divination, Energy Cleansing, Energy Bodywork, Inner Space Clearing, Liquid Life Process, Non-Intrusive Bodywork, Personal Organization Techniques, Sacred Circle, Sacred Intimacy, and Shamanic Healings

As a Two-Spirited person, Michael believes that the body simultaneously houses a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit -- and as a result, he manifests both masculine and feminine spiritual qualities.  This may be seen as two contrasting human spirits -- such a Warrior and Clan Mother, two contrasting animal spirits -- such as Eagle and Coyote, or simply as the ability to understand and work with both masculine and feminine energies.

Native American scholars now believe that many tribes once revered Two-Spirits, viewing them as a third gender with a special spiritual connectedness. In these tribes, Two-Spirits filled important tribal roles as counselors, storytellers and healers.

As a self-described gay male, Michael brings his Two-Spirit healing to men and women to offer a unique, safe, and special approach to healing.

Testimonials: Working with Male Energy
  • Michael is extremely professional, a warm, an extraordinary and an easy caring person. My session with Michael was very relaxing, erotic and wonderful. I will definitely book an appointment with him whenever I'm in the DC area. lr [8/17,/11]

  • This was a massage like no other! Michael is a very friendly, personable, individual who quickly makes one feel more than comfortable. I had a Sacred Intimacy massage and, starting with the shower, Michael's touch was both relaxing and electric. The whole experience was wonderfully sensual. I will definitely be back.

  • Michael's a very nice guy, intelligent and witty who is a pleasure to get to know ... He was extemely receptive to my needs and desires and was not a clockwatcher at all. I would highly recommend him.  -- Jim, Washington, DC [8/4/2011]

  • Michael put me at ease and began the session with some relaxing breath exercises. His manner was warm and engaging, his bodywork sensual and supportive.  -- Jon R. [10/19/10]

  • Michael is a RARE find! He is extremely personable and down to earth. -- Stan, Washington, DC [9/12/10]

  • Michael is the type of guy who could easily be your best friend. He practices a nicely sensual unhurried massage ... He has lots of intellectual knowledge, too. But no pretensions. And his place is really attractive. [9/12/10]

  • Michael gives a wonderful massage. He has a gift for touch and he is skilled with his hands. Michael is outgoing and friendly; he makes you feel comfortable quickly. ...

  • "If you want one of the best hours you'll ever spend in DC, make an appointment with Michael. His focus on you and your needs is 180 degrees from the daily energy you expend to claim your space on the planet. It's a combination of touch, intention, and spiritual focus that will leave you both totally relaxed and invigorated at the same time. Michael makes no claim to be a "licensed massage therapist", but you'll be glad you saw him if you value a positive energy exchange coupled with a great hands-on experience." -- John L., Washington, DC  [9/9/10]

  •  Michael asks about your needs and tailors the session to the individual. The massage is bliss. Michael will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.  -- Steven Z. [8/20/2010]

  • Michael provided a great, relaxing session. If you e-mail him beforehand, he will ask a few questions to understand your needs to meet (in this case exceed) your expectations. His studio has large windows with a great view overlooking downtown D.C. Overall, a very enjoyable experience.  -- John, Washington, DC [8/11/2010]

Testimonials: Working with Feminine Energy

  • I contacted Michael to help me energetically with some anxiety and depression I've been feeling. We met early one afternoon on a Friday. At the beginning of the session he created sacred space with a Native American ceremony. Then we talked for a while about what's been bothering me.

    He made some recommendations about where to proceed and led me to the massage table where he did body and energy work. He explained afterwards that my throat chakra was an area that was in need of additional healing. I found this right on target because I've known for quite some time that I am blocked in that area.

    Michael was also remarkably intuitive about a friend of mine- as if he were channeling information to me! My sense from the session was that negative energy had shifted and profound healing had begun. I have to say that I walked out of his space that day feeling lighter and not so burdened. No wonder they call him Dreamwalker!
     -- Kelly Belfiore, Washington, DC [9/29/10]


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