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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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General Pricing Policy

When Michael thinks of money and prosperity, he first thinks of energy the always-flowing energy that comes from our Source (God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Allah, etc.).  This energy is a gift from the universe that nourishes us and provides for the life within us.  Other names for this energy are animal magnetism, biorhythm, chi, cosmic energy, kawsay, ki, prana, and vital life force energy (to name just a few).

There is more than enough of this energy to go around in the universe an unlimited supply. Accepting this idea in every cell of our body, allows the idea of money to go from being a materialistic notion to a spiritualized one. Instead of being just a measure of our life force, it becomes an expression of it.

Michael considers his sessions to be an exchange of energies.  He offers up his emotional, physical, psychic, and spiritual energy during a session; you in return give up a measured about of your prosperity.

Types and Rates of Services Offered

At all times in his life, Michael is holding sacred space in concert with Spirit to provide a safe environment for your healing, learning, and transformation.

As a professional working with you, he may utilize some or all of the following professional and/or alternative healing services:


♥ Creativity Journey Work
♥ Energy Cleansing
♥ Energy Work
♥ Liquid Life Process
♥ Sacred Healing Circles
♥ Shamanic Healing
♥ Space/Home Clearing

Sessions generally last between sixty minutes and ninety minutes.   Typically, they will involve one or more of the activities listed above.   Each session is different for everybody so please come with an open mind. 

I charge standard, traditional rates for all healing sessions.  However, they can be different depending upon the length of time for the session and the type of work you want or require.  Therefore, it is best to contact me by email for a price quote.  The minimum starting price for a one hour session is $75.

(Sessions are also available on an outcall basis -- click here more information.)

Click here to email me at to discuss how Awakened Man can help you with your individual, personal, creative, and business requirements!


Your individual, personal, creative, and
business health and well-being are important to me!.

I hope to work with you over and over again!




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