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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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August 10, 2010, Annapolis, MD

During our time together, we may utilize some or all of the following:

Creativity Journey Work
Energy Cleansing
Energy Work
Liquid Life Process
Sacred Shamanic Healing Circles
Space/Home Clearing

I value our Oneness and celebrate the interconnectedness we all have with one another, our animal sisters and brothers, the healing sacred plants, the stone people and cloud people, our planet, the universe and its celestial bodies, and the divine energy of Wiracocha.

[Note, I am also a shamanic practitioner and Mesa Carrier in the tradition of the Q'ero of Peru.  As such, I adhere to the Principles of Integrity (The Ethical Code for Shamanic Healing and Teaching of the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners).]

I charge standard, traditional rates for all healing sessions.  However, they can be different depending upon the length of time for the session and the type of work you want or require.  Therefore, it is best to contact him by email for a price quote.  The minimum starting price for a one hour session is $75.




Journey Work

45-60 minutes

Creative people (e.g. writers, artists, etc.) use imagination to access to their boundless and timeless  inner worlds. This is, in fact, a shamanic experiencing of different states of consciousness.  We rarely appreciate this fact -- usually thinking our ideas emerge out of nowhere. 

These journey work sessions enCOURAGE you to be aware of you imagination and not get stuck in a loop of fantasy (one day I'm going to be great) or to get blocked (something just seems to be holding me back.
Energy Cleansing


Shamanic-inspired balancing of energy field and chakras (similar to Reiki).
Energy Work

30-60 minutes

Shamanic-inspired  energy work (similar to Reiki).  Relaxing, soothing, and healthful.

Liquid Life Process

2-5 hours

Spirit and I co-created this technique to help you consciously create the life you desire -- and watch it turn into a reality. Together, we work on the life challenge of your choice, such as creative blocks, loss of employment, prosperity/abundance creation, and etc.

Shamanic Healing Circles

1.5 hours

Utilizing traditionally inspired shamanic healing techniques. You must provide the space for individual or group shamanic healing circles.
Space/Home Clearing Varies Don't live in a space that holds unwanted energies.

Let's work together to restore harmony in your life!


Special Note

My sessions work, often in tandem with standard medical protocols, to enCourage your body to heal itself.  The work I offer is not a cure all -- but it does try to assist you to come to terms with your conditions & challenges and, whenever possible, to move beyond your limitations.

Please contact me at to arrange an outcall session. 

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