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nurturing, soothing, creative, spirited & knowing

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"‎Only Awareness exists. The rest is light and airy entertainment fluff."  (Michael of  Oakland Park)

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Writing and Editorial Services

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What Michael's clients are saying
about his writing and editorial services.

  • “Michael is the greatest. I can't say enough about his performance. He is dependable, inquisitive (in a good way), and a valuable team player. I highly recommend using him for similar projects.”
    —August 4, 2011, Yaouser,

  • “Awakened Man was a pleasure to work with. We may work together again in the future in a different capacity as Awakened Man has a lot of skills and expertise in writing and personal development.”
    — May 28, 2011, mmob,

  • “AwakenedMan produces terrific articles ahead of schedule and with consummate professionalism. Who could ask for anything more?”
    — May 24, 2011, phantomdiver,

  • “For a First Time Elancer, AwakenedMan has done an outstanding job! We had a few technical glitches, but he produced some outstanding copy that was exactly what I needed. Thanks! Hope to continue working with you in the future!” — February 25, 2011, sweetperfection, eLance

  • “Michael did a remarkably thorough and proactive job in creating his DREAMWalker web resource, which has allowed me to find useful information on other writers for years now.” -- January 28, 2011, Jim Gladstone, Freelance Creative/Strategic Direction and Writing, clients worldwide in publishing, healthcare, and leisure industries (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “Michael Walker is an outstanding practitioner of alternative healing that he develops using his web site that is highly professional and informative. As a writer he spans several fields of interest from real estate to humor and couples this with website development, all of which he has accomplished with energy and success. I highly recommend him. -- January 26, 2011, Michael Hollingdale, Consultant, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “Michael is someone I met over the Internet and he graciously allowed me to write for his online newsletter. He has always been kind and professional in every possible way, and I look forward to a continued online friendship with him, which would include writing and a sort of "blogging" communication forum. We also agree on a lot of other issues, which includes our beliefs about politics, society and other topics. It's always wonderful to know a like-minded person. I hope to be included in his future endeavors, and I would whole-heartedly recommend him for whatever he wants to do! He's a very talented writer and communicator!”  -- January 24, 2011, Gail Fonda, President, G&C Collections  (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “Michael is a superb human being. His business sense and capacity for caring is extraordinary. Together they make a resourceful and capable professional. I recommend him highly.” (from my LinkedIn profile)
    -- January 24, 2011, Linda Spear, Author, Spear and Company

  • “Michael combines super-connector abilities with the desire to create community for good purposes. He has amazing energy to do this work. Well done, Michael.”  -- January 23, 2011 Andy Quan, Contributor, Out of the Box Anthology (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “Michael is an extremely talented writer who puts all of his energy into a project to see it completed as perfectly as possible.”  -- January 22, 2011, Sal Rinaudo, Student, Loyola College in Maryland (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “Michael is congenial and creative and covered the real estate market in DC during its period of boom and gentrification.”  -- January 22, 2011, Bruce Majors, Realtor

  • “Michael has created a comprehensive, well-researched resource in the DREAMWalker Group. Few other sites detail the LGBTQ writer's community to the level that Michael does, indicating both author publications and anthologies in which authors are featured. I recommend his work in developing both websites and the content for large-scale communities.”  -- January 21, 2011, Alicia Goranson, Senior Technical Writer, Invensys Inc. (from my LinkedIn profile)

  • “I have written for DREAMWalker Group's newsletters. Michael Walker was a diligent and considerate editor, accepting diverse viewpoints and maintained the spirit of the articles while working with me to rewrite it to fit his audience and desired context.” -- January 21, 2011, Tamara Wilhite, author, Blu Phi'er Publishing (from my LinkedIn profile)

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